load speed of images

Hello, I am loading more than 100 images of about 1MB size in an experiment using version 2. They are taking too long. Would this problem happen with Superlab 4?


I’m using Superlab 4.0.5 and I have an experiment with 50 images of 2.19MB each. They take a very, very long time to load after the first few.

We’re going to try to help the problem this week by upgrading the RAM on the stimulus computer from 512MB to 2G. I’m not sure yet whether this will work.


Yes, upgrading the RAM will help quite a bit. Assuming those are uncompressed images, you would need about 110MB of RAM to load the image. However, if they are compressed images, you will need quite a bit more. In SuperLab 4, the loading of images includes decompression of the image so that it does not have to happen during the presentation of the image. Therefore, this potentially requires very large amounts of RAM.

Unfortunately, I’m not well versed in SuperLab 2, so I am unable to compare for the previous question.

RAM is now upgraded and full experiment runs great.

I have a timing problem with photos. I have about 50 photo slides, all need to be presented for exactly 10 secs with blank slides interspersed. I have no input except one key to start it. I just want to use this to present slides in a well-timed manner so that I can use another computer for physiological recording of responses. 2GB RAM, dual core processor, XP. I’ve tried it as is and again with most processes off. Have about 1.4 GB RAM available when Superlab 4.06b is up but not running. But each slide is slightly off this difference adds up over time. I’ve tried resetting the time, not resetting the time, but no difference. What am I doing wrong?

Maybe you’re having the same problem that I had. Take a look to this thread:
Kind regards, Paulo

I agree with Paulo. This is unrelated to memory. The solution is to set a trial length under the “End” tab in the Trial Editor.