List of items available in the data file


I have a question concerning the data file. I need to know what item is presented each time. How can I set up the script in such a way that the data file is going to have info about what item/stimulus is presented on each trial?
For example, I would like to have in my excel file a column with the item that was presented to ppt Nx, Who gave response R…


This information will be automatically included in the data file.

Some times this can be a problem if in your stimulus list you add a folder to the list rather than each individual file. It seems like if you add the folder to the list the output gives you a stimulus number which seems to be its position in the folder you added. This is off the top of my head so if I’m wrong please discard, but it seems like it is always preferable to add items individually to the stimulus list rather than indicating which folder all the items are in.


This was the case of an older release of SuperLab. Since SuperLab 4.5.1 this is no longer an issue. Thank you for responding though, I really do appreciate your feedback and responses.