Limiting number of trials per block

I’m working on an experiment that presents two blocks:
Block one: see a short text
Block 2: see 12 pairs of words for a rhyme judgment.

I want to pull the texts from one stimulus list in random order and the word pairs from another list in random order.
Participants should go through the text block three times and should go through the rhyme block three times.

I tried to use a macro in the text block to go to the rhyme block after one trial.
I tried to use a macro in the rhyme block to go back to the text block after 12 trials.
This works the first time through, but the macro seems to be counting from the beginning of the experiment, not starting over with each block.
The experiment is attached–I don’t have 4.0.6 yet.
Any ideas?

text-ryhme.sl4 (13.2 KB)


What you can do is just use 6 blocks. Three blocks to display the text event and 3 blocks to display the rhyme events.

I’ve attached your modified experiment to this reply.

I hope that helps.


text-ryhme.sl4 (14.5 KB)