limiting key input and determining different response for an event


I would like to limit which key can determine the end of an event for two keys: “A” and “B”, i.e. the correct and the incorrect response. In the “input” of an event editor, I just see the possibility to end the event after a correct response. How can I add the key for the incorrect response?

I have also a problem determining the correct response for pairings, because each stimulus list is used for several trials and for certains trials the correct response is “A” and for others it’s “B”.
I organized my trials according to the correct response of the pairing. Therefore, if i was able to use the code values in trials to select the correct response, I would not have any problem.
However I understand SuperLab is only able to determine the correct response based on an event’s code value, and not based on a trial.
Is there a solution for this?

Thanks, Frédérique

In response to the first question, the only way to limit which keys will end an event is by designating them as the “correct” response–regardless of whether the response is logically correct to the trial in question.

If you do the above, the second question becomes moot. Otherwise, I’d recommend duplicating the events. You can still use the same stimulus list, but if you duplicate the event, you can have the correct response as “A” in one event and “B” in the second. This may our may not be plausible, depending on your setup.