Limitation in SuperLab 4.0

I’ve been working with SuperLab 4.0 to create a paradigm in which subjects are presented with either a real or gibberish sentence. As I imported my sentence list, I found that SuperLab cuts off each line after 113 characters, then places the next entry on a new line, which makes it a new event. Is there a way to expand the line size?

I’d love it if it were based on the maximum number of letters that will fit on the screen with the selected font.


Wow. That’s an interesting bug. I see what you mean. It appears to simply be a bug in the stimulus list editor. If you can make the window big enough that the text doesn’t wrap and then click “OK,” you should be fine.

Issue Fixed

SuperLab 4.0.3 was just released yesterday and fixes this bug. Thank you for reporting it.