Likert scale

Can Superlab support likert scale response choice?

Yes, this can be done in SuperLab. If you are displaying the scale on the screen, the following thread post has an example experiment:

Hi Monika,

I would also like to use a likert response scale on Superlab. I tried to follow your link above but I can seem to open the file. Can you reattach the link?


thank you!

Please see attached. (17 KB)

Hi Monika,

Sorry to be a bother, but I still can’t open the file. When I try to open it it says “Windows cannot complete the extraction. The destination file could not be created.” Please advice.


I will contact you via private message.

Hi Monika,
I am new to superlab and also would like to use rating scales in my experiment. I can open the example file but when I run it I only see the number bar but cannot click on a number. Does that mean that you collect the responses by means of typing a number on the keyboard? In other programs (e.g. PsychoPy) you can click on a number with the mouse/touch screen input.
Maybe a silly question but I would highly appreciate your inputs.
Thanks, Jerome

In that particular experiment I believe only clicking on the number 3 will have the experiment end. If you look within the Event Editor, then the Correct Response tab, you will see only the “Number 3” is checked as the correct response.

The way you set up your mouse/touch screen response is within Participant Input which is within the Experiment menu. If you use my experiment once you are within Participant Input click on the responses I defined (Number 1, Number 2, Number 3). At the bottom of this Mouse Response box you will see the specific areas I defined for each number.