We have Superlab 4.0 installed on one computer in our lab. We would like to have it at least on two computers, one for developing and another for running subjects.

However, when trying to install on another computer, we received a message that we have exceeded the number of installations for this license number, and that we would have to deactivate the one we’ve already installed in order to install a new one.

Is it possible to install on more than one computer with the same license?
If it isn’t, how do I deactivate the version I already have installed, so that I can install it on another computer?


No, you’ll need to buy another license.

help - license - more options - auto deactivate will allow you to take it off one pc and put it on another

If you have a license with one activation you may only run it on one machine at a time. You may deactivate the license if you have an internet connection by choosing the Help menu within SuperLab, choose License, click on More Options and then click on Auto Deactivate, as noted by Barney.

Thank you both!