License confusion

We have four 4.5 runtime licenses and one developer licence with concurrency.
when I activated a licence, it showed 5, but didn’t discern the different types. I assume that once the runtime licenses are all activated, it will still allow me to activate further developer installations.

I know it says in big red letters that licences cannot be deactivated, but REALLY!:eek:
What do we do when we want to replace a computer?
Usage has already changed on one of our macs, and i’m going to need that runtime license elsewhere…


Hi Lindsay,

To clarify about the counts:

When you are activating the Run-Time version of SuperLab, it is showing only your activations count for Run-Time.

Similarly, when you are activating the Pro version, it will show only the count that pertains to your Pro licenses.

The warning about deactivation is meant to encourage use of the other option that is presented on that window: the option to activate for a temporary period.

Sorry to alarm you! But we are glad you noticed. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, good to have that cleared up.
But what about moving a licence to another computer?

Moving a license requires using the temporary activation option. Temporary activations can be as short as 24 hours. After the temporary period expires, that license is immediately available to be installed somewhere else.

SuperLab also supports two additional license-management approaches that are appealing for institutional/enterprise deployments of SuperLab. The additional approaches are: Sassafras Keyserver; and ghosting. Please contact us to take advantage of either of those two options. The auto-renewing ghost-imaging version will return its license back to your account as often as once a week, as soon as the ghosted computer stops being used.

All of these options are cross-platform (Windows and Mac OS X).