levels of processing

For a class, I’m trying to test the levels of processing theory by having two questions (e.g., ‘does the following word have to do with economics’ and ‘does the following word have two vowels’. So one question has to do with the meaning and one with the appearance of the word that follows). Plus two lists of words are associated with each question. I want the questions to be randomly presented and the words associated with each also presented randomly (but associated only with the correct question).

I created a list associated with one question and wanted to create a second list associated with the other question, but I didn’t have the option of creating a second list. Only the first list was in the pull-down menu of lists

I want to get around having to tediously make an event for each word

SuperLab allows for the creation of multiple lists. Have you clicked Experiment > Stimulus Lists… and then clicked the plus sign?

If you have, please click File > Create an Experiment Package… and attach it so I can better understand how to help.