Keyserver Support


Just wondering what version of Keyserver is supported by Superlab Pro 4.0.3.
We have keyserver version, and after a clean install we are getting a version incompatibility error. Also superlab pro automatically attempted to use the keyserver licensing engine after it found it installed on the machine. Is there a way to force it to use the PRO-Tector, which seemed to work on a test machine after a reboot
Lastly, as I am attempting to deploy to multiple student labs - is there a way to package superlab, including licensing activation information to completely automate the install (silently if possible).

  • anthony

In order to use the KeyServer, you have to have a license file generated by us. If no proper license is found through KeyServer, SuperLab will move on to PRO-Tector. Since you have KeyServer, the easiest method would be to contact us and trade in the PRO-Tector license number for a KeyServer license file.