Keyboard-String Input

I used the Keyboard-String Input input method. But when I run the program, on the event that uses this input method, the textbox appears, but when one types, the entire box and cursor blink, but the input does not appear. (The cursor doesn’t move either, so it is not simply that the text is invisibly small or something like that.) Any ideas? I am using Superlab 4.0.1 on a Mac.

I strongly recommend that you update your license of SuperLab to version 4.0.7. It’s a free update and fixes a number of bugs as well as adds features. Some of these bugs are indeed related to string input.

To request the free update, please send an email via this web form.


Furthermore, you must configure both String Input and Keyboard Input to only look for input when a correct response has been defined. If you set a String Input response as correct but didn’t disable Keyboard Input, then you can easily see this behavior as each single keystroke may be interpreted as an incorrect single-key response, causing the event to reset and look for input again.

Have you set both Keyboard-Single and Keyboard-String Input to only look for input when a correct response has been defined? If so, can you post your experiment? Please post as an Experiment Package, which can be found under the File menu within SuperLab.