Key released and then another pressed


I expect the answer is in the forums somewhere, but have been unable to find anything precise.
I’m trying to show an event from a stimulus list and record rt from a key release to key press, but all I seem to get in the data file is one or the other, depending on whether selecting “Ignore release” or “Wait for release” in the Input Editor.

I have added a blank event after the initial stimulus, which gives me the desired event presentation, but i can’t get a release then a key press recorded in the file.

Any help would be useful, as i’ve run out of ideas.


Under Participant Input, create a keyboard response for a key release and one for a key press. Make sure in the Event Editor it is set to end on a Correct Response.

Then go to the Experiment tab, select Options, and in the Columns to Save tab select Cumulative time. This will add an extra column in your data file, this will be the time from the start of your experiment. SuperLab won’t give you the actual RT for a key release to key press, but it’s easy to calculate with this new column.

Thanks for the help.

However, I must be being a bit dense, here, as I still can’t get a key release and press showing in the data file. To clarify my experiment…

  1. ISI event, blank screen
  2. Key pressed and held to show stimulus
  3. Moves on to next event which is blank, but does not erase the screen.
  4. Participant reads stimulus, releases key and selects another (choice of two).
  5. Moves to IS event, blank screen, after response.

I want to record time in point 5 between key release and next key pressed. In the data file, the column for pressed or released, only shows pressed. I’ve tried adding a second blank screen for key release data, but it just freezes the experiment.

I know i’ve done something stupid, but if you can point me even further in the right direction, I’d be very grateful.

PracticeIdioms.sl4 (9.95 KB)

In Participant Input, under the Options tab you need to check off Ignore the key release.

Thanks again, Monika

I knew I was doing something stoopid. Works a treat!:o