Key presses/releases

Hello Forum!

I am having an issue with event stimuli and reactions to participant feedback.

I am trying to create a reinforcement loop, with an audio file stimulus, where the audio file will play (it’s about 1 min long) until the participant provides a correct response (pressing the “y” key), and then the audio will stop. HOWEVER, I do not want to move onto the next event/trial, until the “y” key is released.

When I try to play around with the settings in the participant input, I am only able to make Superlab stop the sound immediately when the “y” key is pressed (ignore key release) or “wait until key is released”, which both options (immediately/before) allow the sound to continue until the key is released.

Is there anyway to have an event or trial end (or have the stimulus end) when a key is pressed, but then wait until the key is released to begin the next event or trial?

Thank you for your help!

Create a new response under Participant Input. Within the Keyboard Response editor, select “Releasing” next to This response consists of. Now within your events, set this as a correct response.