Jumps based off of Multiple Possible Choices

Hi, I am having a hard time working out how I can have a response create a jump to a different block, when there are multiple possible responses (rather than just one correct response). My experiment has 16 items (4x4) from which the subject can select from. Her/his choice should then result in a jump to a corresponding block that branches from that choice (sixteen choices therefore). I’ve spent some time with the macros-based expressions, as well as feedback for correct responses but haven’t found a way to make this occur.

I had thought that I could have a line of blocks that if the response wasn’t correct (didn’t correspond as correct) for that block it would then go to the next block effectively stopping at the one that corresponds. I just haven’t found a workable solution.

Any advice would be greatly welcomed!


Hello Christopher,

Alas, it is not currently possible to branch or provide feedback based on which one of 16 responses were clicked on.