Issue with string input

I have a program that was working just fine. I am working with Superlab 6.0.4b. This morning I installed Vista Service Pack 1.

Now when I start up the Superlab program that used to work, I get the error:
“Unable to create plug-in settings object for PlugInID 2001, SLSdkBase pointer is null.”

When I click on Details for more information about the error, it reads:
“This version of “in-Keyboard-Single Keys” is not compatible with this version of Superlab.
An error occurred attempting to open “…path to file…” Unable to create plug-in settings object for PlugInID2001, SLSdkBase pointer is null.”

I am wondering why I get this error when the exact same program was working just a few days ago… and when I didn’t make any changes to SuperLab.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


I don’t know why, but try installing the latest version 4.0.7b. Please post a follow up on whether it worked or not.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I installed the newest version of Superlab and it still is not working.
I have attached the file. If I also need to attach the accompanying picture files,please just let me know. There are a lot of them…

Version A.sl4 (153 KB)

Also, the error is no longer appearing. The program simply freezes during the trial with the first open-ended response.
In addition, the program seems to work on older Windows operating systems, such as Windows XP. However, the computer that we need to run the program on has Windows Vista on it. When we run the program on Vista, this is when we have problems.