Issue with stimulus lists and response screens


Thank you for reading my post.

I have an issue with stimulus lists and response screens. Basically, I have a task where the participant listens to an audio and that selects a response from among four options that are pictures.

I’d like to use stimulus lists as that is the easiest way to load multiple files and randomize them. However, I’m not sure if it is possible given that each audio file needs to be associated with a specific response screen that is a picture file.

Is it possible to use stimulus lists and still associate the audios to the correct response screen or do I have to make an event for each audio and link it to the matching picture file?

Many thanks and I hope that I’ve expressed myself clearly!

You can do this by using two lists, one for your audio and the other a picture of your four responses. You would pair the lists the same way you want it displayed.

You can also accomplish the same thing by using five lists. One for your audio and the other four for each of your photo responses.