Is this possible? New Experiment Help

The lab I work in just recently bought Superlab and I need some help in determining if what I need to do is even possible.

My experiment needs to present a warning buzz, followed by 1sec of silence, then present a list of 5 67ms audio clips with 100ms isi (Not sure if it’s possible, but I would like to have the 5 randomly generated from a list of 7). After the list is presented, there is a variable delay (8 choices) another audio tone, another delay (that corresponds to previous delay) then the response tone. After the response tone the participant must hit 5 keys (Not just a single input).

I have a good idea on how to setup some of this, but I’m stuck on how to randomly generate 5 of the 7 in the list, the variable delays and whether or not having 5 responses is even possible.

I need 56 trials in one block.

Any help on how to set this up or any advice at all is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I’m not seeing an easy way to do this automatically within SuperLab. Ultimately, a single conceptual “Trial” would have to be split into multiple blocks to automate this. Once you’ve done that, it would be impossible to randomize your conceptual “trials.”

It may make more sense to merge your list of 5 67ms audio clips into a single sound file. You would be looking at 21 combinations or 42 permutations. These files could then be put in a stimulus list.

As far as 5 responses… well, yes, but if you’re trying to do what I think (five responses to represent which five sounds were heard), then SuperLab would really only be able to record the responses–not determine whether they are correct.