Is it possible to use background image? SuperLab 6

Hello researchers!

Our research group have obtain recently this software and we are trying to ellaborate some tasks. Right now, we are thinking about doing a task in which a circle is always presented in the task, and the participant will have to react to a stimulus that will appear in any place inside that circle. So, does anybody know if it is possible to use a background image for the whole experiment? The background picture would be that circle.

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The background picture would be an event that displays the picture.

To display stimulus randomly inside the circle, you can create a trial level and specify a number of positions inside the circle. You would then use this trial variable when you create an event to display the stimulus.

I hope this makes sense. Let me know if it doesn’t.

Dear Hisham,

I apologize for delaying my answer. The notification went to my spam folder. My bad for not checking there.

Thanks for your answer, we tried it and it works!!

No worries, I’m glad it worked for you.