Interfacing Cedrus StimTracker first gen model to PC through parallel port for response inputs from RJ45 port

Hi there!

I am trying to get two inputs from two response pads (input pulses through RJ45 of StimTracker) to PC running PsychoPy through parallel port. We have the signal adapter board as well. According to the information given, the inputs go to the pin 10 of the parallel port. However, I was wondering if I will be able to differentiate between the two input pulses this way? Or should I approach it differently?

Some additional information:
This is for a MEG based experiment. The response pads came with Elekta Neuromag TRIUX. I am using Cedrus StimTracker only for receiving the pulses from the keypress on the response pads.

Thanks in advance!

On the newer StimTracker Duo and Quad, it is possible to reconfigure the output so you distinguish between the keys. But that is not possible on the original StimTracker. For that, you will need to build a custom cable. You will need this StimTracker Output Pin Assignments page.

Which response pads came with the Elekta?

Its Elekta response pads. Two single-fibre optical response pads. They are big and white pads with a lever-like switch.

So, the custom cable should connect the bottom connector (extra port) to the PC parallel port. Is that correct?


Yes, you would need to use the Extra Port connector.