Installing multiple response pads


I have 25 SL licenses and 16 response pads. Response pads are given to students as they need them and they are then connected to any of the 25 PCs is there an easy way to install the response pads beside having to go through the process of installing 16 responses pads on 25 PC?

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately not, assuming you’re talking about the USB-based ones and not the older serial port models. The response pads require that a USB driver be present, otherwise Windows and Mac OS cannot “see it”, and neither will SuperLab.

I think there was a misunderstanding here. You’ll have to install the drivers on each computer but not sixteen times per computer.

I installed the driver on each PC but as soon as I connect a different response pad it detects new hardware so this message comes up four times for our RB-530 models.

If there is an easier way it would save me a lot of time


Hank, I’m afraid that Barney is right. Somehow, Windows can uniquely identify the response pads and requires an install for each pad. Ugh. It’s a pain and I haven’t been able to figure out a workaround.