Inserting and randomizing videos

I am trying to present two different clips to my participants in two separate events, and have the videos randomized each experiment to account for order effects.

I have inserted video clips into my experiment in a stimulus list, and have selected an event to select “A file chosen from…”. When I try to run the experiment to test it, the event presents both the clips instead of just “A file.” How do I get the event to just select one video to view?

In addition, I want to randomize the videos that are being presented between both events. How do I do this? (let me know if I need to make this question more clear).

Thank you.

Do you have one stimulus lists with the two different clips? Or, two separate stimulus lists? If you have both videos in one stimulus lists, SuperLab will play them both. I don’t know how your experiment is set up, however there are Randomization options under the Block Editor and the Trial Editor.