Input Submission Technique

It would be nice to be able to choose how participant responses (multi-character strings) are submitted. I have the problem that participants are asked to identify sounds that are difficult to identify, and sometimes pause while typing their answer. The problem is that after a few seconds of keyboard inactivity the program automatically accepts whatever they’ve typed - which often amounts to no information at all. If there’s functionality in SuperLab to fix this that I’m not aware of, please let me know.


Looks like I posted in the wrong forum topic. Why does the “Send Us Feedback” button in SuperLab direct me to the “[New] Product Suggestions” topic?

solution found


I guess I clicked the wrong link here:
But it could still be clarified :slight_smile:

By default, SuperLab will move on to the next event after 3 seconds of inactivity by the participant. You can change that by clicking on the Experiment menu and selecting Participant Input. A dialog appears. Click on “Keyboard-String Input” to select it if it’s not selected already. Now, click on the Response Completion tab. This is where you can change how to end the input.