Increasing the Number of Trials

I have created an experiment, where there are four different trials that differ in their events…let’s call them A, B, C, and D.

However, I need A and C to run 60 times each (the events are the same each time) and B and D to run 15 times each …thus creating 150 trials. A, B, C and D all need to be randomized within the block.

I would prefer not to have to make the 150 trials and then link them up with the events. Rather, I was wondering of there is a way to get Superlab to repeat the trial a certain number of times?

I hope this question makes sense. Please let me know if yo need more information to clarify.


You can tell SuperLab to run your trials a specific amount of times within the Trial Editor. Under When to Present, create a new Condition Expression. Let’s say we are doing this for trial “A”. Select Number of Times This Trial Has Been Presented, then select Is Less Than. Under RHS: type in 60 as your value.

Monika, I have been trying to get this to work for an experiment I am creating and whatever I put in as condition expression in the trial editor I can’t get the trial to repeat! I am using Superlab 4.0.7b.

Liza, please see the following thread:

Still Not Working

Hi Monika,

I tried to use the When to Present option but it still would only play each event once instead of the 60 vs. 15 times we asked it to. I have posted to the experiment and am hoping someone can help. The problems I am encountering are in Block 80% and I am trying to get Trials: Valid_BlueLeft & Valid_YellowRight to repeat 60 times and Invalid_BlueRight & Invalid_YellowLeft to repeat 15 times. I have already selected for the trials to be randomized within the block.

Thank you again,

jacqui_exp.sl4 (13.9 KB)

Hi Laura,

I think there is an easier way to set up your experiment. Sorry, for not realizing it sooner. I would recommend creating four stimulus lists for the following:

Valid Blue
Invalid Blue
Valid Yellow
Invalid Yellow

Then, for each list create the 60 or 15 events that you need. Once you have created your lists, create a new Event. Since you are using text, you would select Text Chosen From the List: next to Use Text. Here you will see the four stimulus lists you’ve already created. Now, you will just need to randomize the trials in the block.