Incorrect trial variable output (emotional stroop task)


I have set up an emotional stroop task experiment using two stimuli list with color as a trial variable. I set the correct response to any and was hoping to match the participant response and Trial Variable in the output file.

However when I run the experiment making sure to give the correct responses, the Trial Variable in the output file doesn’t match the Participant response (e.g. GREEN BUTTON).

I even memorized the first few colors of my most recent trial to ensure that the problem is not on my side.

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Running stimuli lists with color as trial variable is very important to me as I want to do a test-retest setup for my experiment.

Attached is my (translated) experiment

  • Ottar

ES.sl4 (11.7 KB)

Please see the following thread:

Thank you for your reply. Is there any other way to get this experiment to work as I want it to?

Repeated measures is very important for the experiment so I can’t set it up with fixed colors.

Can someone please tell me if there is a way to do this?

An alternative strategy for the repeated measures design that i’m contemplating is the following:

3 trials
1 event for each word x 3 trials.

As I have 20 neutral and 20 emotional words this means: 40 words * 3 trials = 120 seperate events with each event ensuring a different color of the words than the previous trial.

E.g: The word “CANCER” would have to be made into three events, with three different colors and three different correct responses.

This process will of course be very time consuming so if someone has a different strategy, or some way to automate this process, I would greatly appreciate it.

PS: I must say I am very dissapointed at Superlab’s inability to correctly register trial variable in the output data. It seems like such an integral part of the program. This seems like a very small bug, and should be relatively easy to fix. :frowning:

I couldn’t access the edit button so I’ll just add this here:

It seems to me that the only way for me to include a fixation cross before the stimuli is creating a seperate trial for each event and randomizing at block level.

I guess this means I will be making 120 trials for 120 events :confused:

I looked at your experiment. It looks like you are using stimulus lists, which is good starting step. However, the way “Trial 1” (to use it as an example) is setup, only 20 trials will be presented.

Try using the following feature to get a pretty good idea of what SuperLab will do at run-time: from the Experiment menu, chose Expand Events That Use Lists. This will create a new experiment window, with all trials/events that use lists converted to trials/events that use the word directly. Note: do not edit the expanded experiment as changes there will not be reflected back in the original experiment; use it mainly to view what will happen at run-time.

Back to your experiment. Instead of having “Trial 1” linked to events “Cue”, “Neutral”, “Cue 2”, and “Emotional”, create

  • "Trial 1" linked to "Cue" and "Neutral"
  • "Trial 2" linked to "Cue" and "Emotional"

A further elaboration of this approach: instead of event “Neutral”, create three event: “Neutral Red”, “Neutral Green”, and “Neutral Blue”. These three events should be identical and use the same stimulus list, except that they use a different color. Same for event “Emotional”. Now, create six corresponding trials: you should end up with a total of 120 trials.