incorrect SV-1 responses

Hi Hisham,

In my picture naming study I want to be able to provide feedback if ppts give an incorrect name for the object. How can I do this? I have attached an external mouse to the computer I will use for this study and was thinking that if a subject gives an incorrect response I could click on one of the mouse buttons to go to my feeback option. Is there a way to override the voice key response when it is incorrect before going to the next stimulus?

Also, if ppts exceed the time limit of 5000ms I would like to default feedback (pause) is this possible?

A solution that comes to mind for me is that you would set up two events:

The first event would look for the SV-1 input so that you can measure the participant’s response time. This event would provide feedback if a response is not found within 5000ms.

The second event would look for input from the mouse. This would need to be a serial mouse connected to a 9-pin serial port, like the SV-1. You will press (for example) the left button if the response was correct and the right button if the response is incorrect. This event is configured to provide feedback based on which of the two buttons you pressed.

Hope this helps to get you started!

Serial vs USB

Problem: I don’t have a 9 point serial port on the computer I am using to set up this experiment. I have a fifteen point port and another long ~24 point port. I bought an adapter so I could attach the SV-1 to a USB port and I bought an external USB mouse. How important is the serial port and do all of my peripherals need to be connected with this type of port?

The difference between a USB mouse and a serial mouse is in how SuperLab interprets its input. If you have a serial mouse, only its buttons will be watched by SuperLab, as if it were a response pad. It will not be treated as a mouse input. If you use a USB mouse, the predefined responses will work for you, though you will likely want to hide the mouse cursor. I apologize for my own lack of understanding of what SuperLab can do–you can in fact use a normal mouse. The serial port itself is unimportant.

Per last week’s phone discussion with Hisham, I’ve created a small modification that allows limiting voice key input to events that use the voice key.

The attached zip file includes two files: in-Microphone.xrc and in-SV1.xrc. Place the in-SV1.xrc file in the folder: C:\Program Files\SuperLab 4.0\plug-ins and then relaunch SuperLab. You should now have the ability to ignore the SV-1 on a per-event basis through the participant input dialog.

The in-Microphone.xrc file only applies to the Macintosh version of SuperLab 4, and this needs to go inside the Microphone plugin, inside SuperLab If anyone is interested prior to the release of 4.0.2, pm or e-mail me and I will write up a description of how to install the new xrc file.

I removed the ZIPed attachment at this is no longer necessary and might confuse. The changes described in this thread have been incorporated into SuperLab 4.0.2 released two months.