Incorporating voice activated reaction time into an experiment

I am attempting to set up an experiment in which the participant will be asked to determine which facial expression the actor is displaying. I am wondering if it is possible to use a normal microphone to detect the time in which the first time it recognizes a human voice when saying the word.

I also have the Cedrus rb410/rb610 response pad which does have a microphone activation feature. Is there any way to set this up, or do i need the SV-1 voice key?

Thanks a lot for your help.

SuperLab 4 for Mac OS X can do this in software with your Mac’s microphone input (it has a roughly 20ms resolution). On Windows, though, you need an SV-1.

I was wondering if it would be compatable with DIRECT RT? Is it possible to synchronize the two programs so that starting superlab causes DIRECT RT to start recording?

Are there any other options?

I also forgot to ask, does an SV1 have voice detection software as well?

SuperLab can send signals or commands via the serial port, our RB Series response pads, or a Measurement Computing I/O card. I’m not familiar at all with Direct RT, but if it can accept input from the serial port or parallel port, then it should work.

I also forgot to ask, does an SV1 have voice detection software as well?

If you mean voice recognition, the answer is no.

Could someone please explain more about the voice recording on a Mac? I have an experiment that changes from one photo to the next when the participant says anything (they are instructed to say the name of a color). I’d like to be able to record what they say, so that I will have a record of whether or not the correct color was identified. Will I need a sound recording program in addition to Superlab?

Thank you

SuperLab only records the reaction time and not what the participant actually says. You’ll need a sound recording program.