In urgent need: Reaction time recorded incorrectly


Firstly, let me apologize for the “urgent” subject. I do understand that others also have needs that are just as important.

I have an experiment on hand that recorded the reaction times of participants. They were presented each time a color and a language indication (English and Japanese), to and with which they need to respond accordingly.

The purpose was to record the reaction time. However, recording times ranged from mere hundreds to 45,000. Each prompt lasts only 3 seconds on screen, so the 45,000 milliseconds should be impossible.

I’m assuming that since those numbers were recorded, they have to represent something. And seeing as they are under the Reaction Time, I’m hoping it’s just a simple matter of conversion.

Attached is the results from one of the experiments. I removed the name to keep the participant’s identity confidential.

This was not my experiment; rather, it was an experiment conducted by a Japanese friend who is now having a meltdown, as this is for her thesis, which is due in a few days.

Thank you all for taking your time to read this. (8.62 KB)

It would be really helpful if you can attach your experiment as an Experiment Package. This is found under the File menu within SuperLab.

Thank you for the prompt response. Attached is the trial


Excuse me, I meant the Experiment Package.

pre-ex.Colors.4-6-4.sl4 (18.7 KB)

Thank you for posting your experiment. It looks like the timer is not resetting itself. Please go into the Event Editor, under the Input tab and select Rest RT timer for each event.

I see. Is there any way to convert the current recorded data into actual seconds at this point?

There are over 90 tests already recorded in the current fashion, and there is not enough time left to arrange another schedule for these experiments…

I asked her and she said the time reset was in fact unchecked. She will test to make sure if that was her problem first chance she gets.

In the mean time, might there be a way to convert the current data she has into milliseconds?

The current data is in milliseconds. If you need it converted into seconds, you will need to do the conversion.

Oh… sorry to ask so many questions, as I’ve never used this program myself; I only have it installed and the data the person sent me.

So looking at this data from the first 5 input reaction time:


Is it safe take the first reaction time as accurate? If so, do I just negate the first reaction time from the second, resulting in 774 for the second number? 4946 for the third, and so forth? Or is the data simply unsalvageable to get individual times for each event?

Yes, your calculations are correct. Please be aware that the calculations will be off by either plus or minus a refresh cycle.

That’s great to hear. Might you know about how much detering occurs on refresh cycles?

Can you please tell me what you mean by “detering”?