in events, or time limit ... does not always work

I am presenting a visual (animation) and auditory stimuli at the same time. For some odd reason, the time limit in the event folder under input does not always work. Some times it works fine and runs say 2000 ms (which its suppose to), but then sometimes it goes way beyond that until I have to click it to respond from the participant. However, even that does not always work. The animation runs on and on until I have to hit the esc button to end the program, but even that does not always work. Eventually, I end up freezing in Superlab and then the program crashes. Is this common for anyone else? Is this a bug that can be fixed? I have the latest version and work on windows.

What version of SuperLab 4 are you running? 4.0.5? Are both stimuli being presented as movies? That is, do you have two separate movie events or just one? Do you have the movie(s) configured to not wait for the stimulus to end? Are you running on Vista?

I have the latest version of superlab, bought it 3 weeks ago. My stimuli is a sound file and a movie being presented simultaneously as two seperate events. I have the movie configured to wait for the movie to end at the end of the event. I am running on XP windows. Should I reload superlab again? Should I changed the sound file to a movie or audio file event?

SuperLab 4.0.6 fixes quite a few bugs. I’m hoping it fixes your crash issue.

As far as the rest, I believe you’re likely running into experiment configuration issues. For starters: you don’t want to randomize events in the trial. Open your trial(s) and click the “Randomize” tab. From the sound of your experiment, you want “Randomize the events in this trial” to be unchecked.