Importing stimulus lists

I was a bit surprised to learn after purchasing Superlab recently that the program lacks the ability to import stimulus lists from tab delimited text files. We are currently trying to program an experiment with over 400 stims, and entering them one by one is unnecessarily time consuming, and could be made much easier and faster by allowing one to import stimulus lists and condition codes from text files.

Hi Brian,

You are totally correct regarding the need to be able to import a stimulus list from an external text file. We didn’t realize this until this past June when it was brought up by two beta testers, but by then we were only a few weeks away from releasing the final version.

The import capability is one of the top 2-3 features planned for a future upgrade, but at this point I cannot provide any estimate as to when it will become available.


True lists for all stimuli types

In order to randomize and efficiently design order of presentation, text names should be allowed to refer to any stimulus type. If I want to present 30 pictures in a certain order, I want to order the file names in excel not try and move things around until they are in the proper order. Never mind if you have 300 picture files

Is it still the case that we can’t copy and paste filenames into a stimulus list? I just upgraded to latest version thinking this would have been added in the year+ since I last coded an experiment. What’s the delay? It’s only been since 2006 that users have been asking for this basic feature!!!