Images overlapping intermittently - should be constant

I have an experiment that has an image (that reminds participants what keys to press) shown during an entire trial. Words from a stimulus list are presented (every 2000 msec) on top of the background image. The background image is presented first with “Erase screen before presenting stimulus” and “Keep stimulus invisible” checked and “Do Nothing” at the end of the event. In the input window “Immediately after the event is presented” is checked. For the stimulus list, the input is “after any response from the participant” and “…or a time limit, whichever happens first. The time limit is:”, which is set to 2000 msec. The only presentation option checked is “Use the offscreen buffer” and “at Event end: Do nothing.” “Erase screen” is UNchecked. About 30% of the time the background image shows up. Most of the time it’s not there. What doesnt’ work: Restarting Superlab, re-running the experiment without closing superlab, running it on a Mac or on Windows. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The experiment package is here: - Google Drive

Press the “b” key to begin the experiment at the first instruction screen.

From past experience, time wise it is more efficient to use screen sharing than it is for us to download an experiment and look at it.

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For the benefit of other forum visitors, the issue was that events were being randomized. You can enable that feature in the Trial Editor’s Options tab. This feature is useful in a very limited number of experiments.