images in self-paced reading

I’m currently checking demo software prior to possibly buying for my deparment. One requirement we would need is the ability to present images in a self-paced reading experiment. Participants would see an image while reading a question stimulus which relates to the image. They would then provide an answer to the question. In demo I’ve been able to present image and auditory stimulus simultaneously, but can’t find a way to devise the image+text+question design. is this possible?

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Yes, this is possible in SuperLab 5. Did you want the image, question, and the participant response all on the same screen?

thanks for the reply - that’s good news!

ideally, we’d need the image presented on the top half of the screen with a question simultaneously presented in non-cumulative self-paced reading below it. the question should be replaced with either (1) an input option, where participants can type their response, or (2) a multiple choice format where particpants check one or more possible response.

thanks for the help!

so, in short, yes all on the same screen!

there would be several question/response stimuli per image.

I have attached a small demo experiment. Within the experiment the picture file stays on screen while a sentence plays for the participant. Then, the sentence disappears and the participant sees an area to type in a response. All the while, the picture file has remained on screen. It is important to note the following:

  • When using Keyboard-Single Key Input and Keyboard-String Input together, you must follow the steps shown from the following FAQ page:
  • When displaying images simultaneously:
  • Under the [B]Input [/B]"Immediately after the event is presented" needs to be checked for the first event [/LIST]
    • Also within the events that are shown simultaneously:
  • Go to the [B]Stimulus[/B] tab, [B]Settings[/B], then [B]Presentation Options[/B]. These options will vary depending on the order your events are in. The SuperLab Manual has instructions on how to do this. It is located on Page 55 under "Presenting Two or More Visual Stimuli at the Same Time." [/LIST]

    Tomr.sl5 (4.2 KB)

  • Many thanks for this - very helpful!