Images don't display, blank screen, but recording response keys on keyboard ok

I am using a MacBook Pro Version 11.1. I have some old Experiments from SuperLab 4. I have tried to open them in SuperLab 5, but when I run the selected block the visual information is not presented: the fixation cross is missing and the four pictures per trial are not displayed. SuperLab picks up the response keys correctly and provides feedback in the form of a beep on incorrect trials, but none of the visual information is presented. I tried downloading SuperLab 6, which I can open, but when I try to open my SuperLab 4 files it crashes. So my current status is I can open and run experiments saved in version 4 but the visual stimuli are not presented. I cannot open SuperLab 4 files in version 6.

I would be grateful for your assistance on resolving the above.

Many thanks in advance and best wishes,


Please send us an email. We would like to see your SuperLab 4 file and why it’s crashing in SuperLab 6.

Hello Libby, I can confirm that this is a bug in SuperLab 6.2 and 6.3. We have fixed it and the fix will be included with the next release.

Meanwhile, there is a workaround. Download SuperLab 5 and open your experiments using that and save them as .SL5 files. SuperLab 6 will be able to open those files.

Hello Libby, we just released SuperLab 6.3.1 which fixes the bug that you ran into. It will now be able to open SuperLab 4 experiment files without a hitch.

Apologies for the slow response. The new release has fixed the bug and all is working fine. Thanks again and best wishes, Libby.

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