Images and Text

This program would be far more useful, or at least quicker to program, if you could display images and text at the same time. Even better if you could create a background text and display randomised images underneath it. Any possibility of such an upgrade in the near future?

SuperLab can display text and images at the same time. It is described in the help file but I’ll be happy to provide more information if needed.

I’m curious regarding creating a background text and displaying randomised images underneath. Can you post perhaps an image or two on how this would look?

I’m specifically referring to an IAT, where there are words displayed in the top right and left corners and then random images or words are displayed in the centre.
Do you have an IAT sample file, for Superlab, that I could utilise by simply replacing the stock images and text with my own?

We don’t have an IAT sample that I’m aware of, but this should be pretty straight-forward to set up. We do have the letter rotation experiment here: This shows how to set up an experiment with a stimulus list and using code values for correct responses.

In your experiment, you can present the words prior to the start of the block. In the block itself, you will have two trials and two events. One trial/event pair will be for your text stimuli, and the other will be for your image stimuli. The events are configured to not erase the screen but to instead erase the stimulus at the end of the event (this requires SuperLab 4.0.3 or later, and these settings are in the event editor–click “Settings…” under the “Stimulus” tab, then click the “Presentation Options” tab in the dialog that appears). In this configuration, the text that is drawn on the screen prior to the start of the block never gets erased, so it’s on the screen throughout the whole block.