image sequence

Hi all
I want to set up a series of approx 15 images as events linked to a trial. I want each image to play one after the other, and the participant to click a mouse to stop at 1 when they see the one they want.

At the moment the experiment is only showing me one image instead of progressing through them or alternately it is progressing through them instantly, so you can’t see any except the last
experiment attached - any help is appreciated

AHONA - using morphed real images.sl5 (25.5 KB)

any help?

Attached is a small demo experiment. I recommend putting all 15 images within a stimulus list. You can have your images set on a time limit, which is done under the Input tab within the Event Editor. Then, use a Rule under the Trial Editor to stop on a picture when the participant makes a response (mouse click).

In the demo attached the Rule is:

  • If the "Last participant response is" a [B]Left Mouse Click[/B]
  • Then perform the following actions: [B]Exit Block[/B]

Ahona_demo.sl5 (3.59 KB)