Image position randomisation not storing correctly

Dear Monika,
I’ve previous posted a request regarding having multiple images on the screen at the same time which I’ve managed to get working. However, when I applied the position randomisation using variable in the position option in the object, it correctly displays the images randomly but does not always stored the position the order of the images was displayed correctly.
I’ve attached a zip file of a test experiment with a data file. In this particular data file, I’ve selected all “Toys” on the screen, when I cross referenced this with the data file, The last Trial (Trial5) indicated position 3 was selected which was picture 2, and picture 2 is Event Music 5, i.e not a Toy.
Is there something I’ve done wrong?
Also I’ve noticed the screen randomly goes blank. even though it is suppose to remain on screen until a response from a user, is this a bug?

Attached file

Sorry, glitch with browser and attachment did not go through, here’s the attached experiment. (165 KB)

3rd time lucky, I’ve attached the wrong file. Here’s the correct one. (162 KB)

Our software developers ran your experiment and looked at the data file. It looks as everything is in order. They do have some recommendations however on how to organize the information.

First it is recommended that you rename the variable positions to:


If you rename the variables then the datafile will look like this:

Toy 4	Left	
Music 4	Right	
Lego 4	Center	
Toy 5	Right	
Music 5	Left	
Lego 5	Center	

And then you can read those as sentences such as:

"Toy 4 appeared on the Left"
"Music 4 appeared on the Right"
"Lego 4 appeared in the Center"

Which means what was shown onscreen was:

[left:toy] ----- [center:lego] ----- [right:music]

The most important thing to remember is that the “Event Name” column is always going to show:

...... Repeated over and over

This is because it matches the sequence you see in the SuperLab editor window. SuperLab can load and draw the “Toy” event first, but still draw it in the “Center” of the screen.