IGT in SuperLab 5 ?

Is it possible to design an IGT experiment with SuperLab 5? (I saw in the forum that it was not possible with previous versions of SuperLab but with SuperLab 5??)
Or is an IGT experiment already available (better :))?
Thanks in advance

Ps : IGT = Iowa Gambling Task

Sorry for the late response. It definitely seems doable. I’ll give it a try and get back to you when I can.

Attached is the first complete version. Let me know how it works for you.

IGT.zip (150 KB)

Dear Arman,
Thank you so much!
I will try this and will tell you how it works.

Dear Arman,
The task works well.
I will made few changes because acording to the instructions of Bechara (2000), the sequence of gains/losses has to be fixed for each deck and not randomized, and picking cards in each deck is allowed until 40 cards only.
But thanks to your program, I have understood how to do this - thank you so much!

IOWA Gambling Task in Superlab 5.0 and linking it with LS-PAIR

Hi! Can anyone kindly help me in running IGT with fMRI setup. I am trying to connect it Lumina response pad i.e. LS-PAIR but unable to do so. I want to assign single key for each deck of card (A,B,C and D). Example, If a card from Deck A is to be selected then blue colored button should prompt the response, similarly, for deck B, yellow colored button response.

Kind regards,