If/then in results

I was wondering if there is anyway to program an if/then statement for the output in superlab 4 (mac). Thanks!!!

You can use if/then in order to control the flow of an experiment, e.g. which block to go to next, but I’m not sure what you mean by “if/then statement for the output”.



What I am trying to do the if/then for is the output for when I go to score the test. The test will remain the same whether or not the subject gets the correct answer.
Say they are prompted to click the box then they are promped to click the circle. If they click 2 boxes in a row (or 2 circles in a row) the second of the pair needs to be marked incorrect as we are looking for them to shift between the two. Is this clear or do you need me to better explain this? Thanks!

You can accomplish this using feedback. While the participant will only see two events, you will set up three.

Event 1: picture a is correct, picture b is incorrect.
Event 2: picture a is incorrect, picture b is correct.
Event 3: picture a is correct, picture b is incorrect.

If the response to event 1 is incorrect, present event 3.
If the response to event 1 is correct, present event 2.

Events two and three are not attached to the trial, so after either event 2 or event 3 is run, whatever is after event 1 gets run.

I hope this helps!