If response, skip next event in trial?

I’d like to run trials that consist of the following:

Event1 (Image, no response)
Event2 (Image, participants may respond)
Event3 (Image: “Response please”, participants must respond if they haven’t already)

In words: I would like participants to respond as quickly as possible, and therefore have the option of responding during Event2. However, if they do not respond during Event 2, Event 3 prompts them for an immediate response. This means that if they respond during Event2, Event 3 is not necessary.

Difficulty: I have the general layout programmed, but find that if the participant responds during Event 2, Event 3 still occurs.

Question:Within a trial is it possible to skip an event if a response was given in an earlier event in that trial? Alternatively, is it possible to program a trial to terminate after a response, even if there are more events in that trial?

You can use the Feedback feature on the second event designating a correct and incorrect response. You need to set it up as “If the response is correct” then Skip Remaining Events in the Trial and “If the response is not correct” Skip Remaining Events in the Trial.