IAT Type Sample

This experiment is an Implicit Association Test (IAT) type experiment regarding race.
Submitted by Thang Le at SUNY - Stony Brook.

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Thank you so much


IAT Sample for Foreign Accents

I’m trying to make an Implicit Association Task (IAT) for speech disorders and I wanted to start by looking at IATs designed to assess biases of foreign accents. Basically, is there an IAT sample/template for foreign accents that I can look at?

Unfortunately not. However, if you’d like, I can send you an updated IAT experiment which we can use as a starting point to formulate your variation.

Sample IAT no longer available?

Hi, I tried downloading the above sample experiment and it just sends me to a page saying the link is no longer valid. Was the sample removed? Is there another way to get the experiment? Thanks.

The link has been updated. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you!

IAT - how to cite

Dear all, I have downloaded the IAT test from the link provided here. I actually wish to use the same images of faces and I was wondering how I can cite the source. Is this experiment published?

I have been having trouble getting this sample to work. I am using SuperLab 5.0.5–not sure if that is part of the problem, since the sample was from SuperLab 4.

In this sample exp there were no labels during the IAT, which seems very odd because participants are not going to remember the keys correctly across all of the IAT blocks. I tried to add the labels and cannot get them to appear consistently. Did anyone else find a working solution to this?