how to stop providing feedback


I would like to give feedback to a participant until he reaches a certain accuracy. So, if the participant has 10 consecutive correct answers, i want to stop giving him feedback to his answers.

First, i created a code “answered correctly” with the value “yes” and “no”. (I’m not sure if i have to say that it’s a code attached to an event or a trial.)

I marked the stimulus lists + the event i created to erase the screen and let time at the participant to answer, with this code (because
the participant can give his response in the both events)

I had in mind to use the block editor “when to run” and instruct it to present the next trial only if the condition expression is false. The condition expression will be the number of trials presented in the block equal to 10 trials (using only the last 10 trials in the block and trials marked with code “answered correctly” equal to “yes”). My problem is in the block editor / when to run / new expression / subset of trials, i just have 3 options : “all the presented trials…” “only the…” “up to…”. I can’t find the part “attached code value” to limit the trials used, like there is in the manuel.

After that i thought to create the next block with the same trials : the stimulus lists but without programming feedback.

The other problem is with this solution, several stimuli will be presented twice (once in the first block with feedback and once in the second block without feedback). Is there a way to tell superlab to not use the stimuli presented in the first block in the second block as well?

Or, is there a better and easier way to stop providing feedback to a participant?

Thanks for your help,


Hi Frédérique,

Regarding the Subset of Trials dialog, there is a visual glitch in v4.0.7 for Mac OS (if I recall, that’s what you are using, right?). Try resizing the dialog to make it bigger.

Also, the code “answered correctly” needs to be attached to a trial, otherwise it will not show up in the Subset of Trials dialog.

Yes, you can prevent a trial from being shown twice if you are using v4.0.7. This is done at the trial level in the new When to Present tab in the Trial Editor.

I hope this helps,


Thank you so much for your help ! :slight_smile:
(yes, i use Mac OS, and resizing the dialog solved the problem. I’m sorry that i didn’t think about doing that myself…)

Everything worked out great !