How to set digital inputs to sync with biopac?


We are making a Go/Nogo task paradigm using superlab 5.

There are 4 stimulus conditions:

  1. Go-smoking
  2. Nogo-smoking
  3. Go-neutral
  4. Nogo-neutral

Since we are synchronizing the program with MP 150 system (BIOPAC) to measure event-related potentials, we wanted to add digital input at two time points : 1) stimulus presentation and 2) response completion.
Therefore, our current setting includes 8 DIs (4 task condition * 2 time point) as below.

Digital input 1: Go-smoking (stimulus)
Digital input 2: Go-smoking (response)
Digital input 3: Nogo-smoking (stimulus)
Digital input 4: Nogo-smoking (response)
Digital input 5: Go-Neutral (stimulus)
Digital input 6: Go-Neutral (response)
Digital input 7: Nogo-neutral (stimulus)
Digital input 8: Nogo-neutral (response)

The problem is that this doesn’t work once connected with biopac.
Upto 4 digital inputs worked alright when we tested syncronization with biopac.

Is there a way we can reduce the number of digital inputs into 4, and still be able to identify the function of stimulus condition (4) and the time point (2) from the data? Or is there a way we can put 8 digital inputs for this purpose?

We sincerely appreciate your support and will look forward to your assistance.


What hardware device are you using to connect the computer that’s running SuperLab 5 to Biopac MP150?

The computer running SuperLab is connected to stim tracker PCI-DIO24 to port PTS100C.

StimTracker and PCI-DIO24 are different products. We make StimTracker, the PCI-DIO24 is made by Measurement Computing.

It might be faster if we use screen sharing; send us an email.