How to present on computer screen two pictures?

Hi All,

I was wondering how to present two pictures simultaneously in superlab 5?

My experiment is basically, presenting pictures of scenes at study and at test, pairs of scenes are presented, as in a multiple choice or 2-alternative forced-choice format.

For example:

Study phase (random presentation): Picture of House, Picture of Beach, Picture of Hotel, Picture of Waterfall, and so on

Test (random presentation): Picture of House Picture of Hotel; Picture of Beach Picture of Waterfall; and so on

I think “Presentation Options” in settings of Superlab, “keep stimulus invisible” of the picture in Superlab is to be selected. However, that does not work. In superlab, it states"Use this option to present several visual stimuli at the same time (within the same trial). To present the stimuli simultatously turn this option On for all except the last one."

Any help is appreciated.



The solution is to set your events to end immediately (except for the last one) and to disable erasing the screen upon presentation.

I hope this is what you were looking for.

The solution you suggested does not work for me.

I am not sure what I am doing incorrectly.

Maybe an example would be helpful.

In trials, I have list of study pairs, each linked to two events (picture 1 and picture 2).I want to present these two pictures at the same time or simultaenously for a length of 4 s. So for example, in Trials: Study Pair 1 is linked to Study Pic 1 and Study Pic 2.

For StudyPic 1, I have the opitions under Input tab: End this event and move to the next one. " I checked of “Immediately after the event is presented” . For stimulus options, I did not check Erase screen before presenting stimulu, Keep stimulus invisible, use offscreen buffer. At evend end, do nothing.

For Study Pic 2, I checked of only after time limit, being 4000 ms. I did not check Erase screen before presenting stimulus.

That is strange. It should work if you’ve structured your events as you’ve said. Please send me your experiment file. I should be able to assess what’s going on shortly after that.

You can click File > Create an Experiment Package to create a .zip containing all files relevant to your experiment.

Hi Arman,

I appreciate your assistance with this issue I am having in programming my experiment in superlab 4.5.

To reiterate, I am presented pictures of scenes during the study phase, each presented one at a time on the computer screen for 4 s.

During the test phase, the participants do a forced-choice test or multiple choice test.

The two scene pictures are presented simultaneously on the screen and once the participant responds, moves on to the next screen with two pictures of scenes.

I have attached the experiment file.


Experiment 1_Scenes_DF (235 KB)





Two issues:

  1. The second event in each test trial is erasing the screen upon presentation.

  2. The images are being presented at the same location: the center of the screen.

I’ve changed the experiment appropriately and attached it to this post for your viewing.

Note: In the future, please try to post SuperLab 4 issues in the SuperLab 4 forum. (234 KB)

Thanks for providing the corrections.

Yes, I can see that the two pictures are displayed together at the same time during the test phase.

Thank you.