How to open-string response/singular response/audio tone/timed

Hello, I am attempting to present an open-string response event while simultaneously presenting a singular response (to trigger an audio tone) under a 5 minute time constrained task. I have managed to use both responses and the audio tone, but not successfully with the time constraint. HELP! :confused:

Are you trying to stop the experiment after 5 minutes? Can you give more details how your experiment is set-up? It also might be helpful to post your experiment. If you can post as an Experiment Package, which is found under the File menu within SuperLab.

Attached experiment package

Yes. I do not want the experiment to stop but I would like the block to stop. In my actual experiment I have multiple trials in the block, so that I can have a multiple string response text box and the audio response. The problem is that the time is only checked after the correct answer is typed, and so the experiment will go on after 5 minutes until the participant types the correct response. Maybe this is wrong? Hope you can solve it! Thanks so much, and sorry for the delay, had to update superlab. (91.8 KB)

Thank you for posting the smaller version of your experiment. When we ran your experiment, it ended after 5 seconds even when nothing was typed. Is this not happening on your end? The experiment is working like it’s supposed to on our end.