how to manage EM or trigger problems


I just started to use superlab 4.5 and stimtracker in our EEG lab (using Brain Product).
I made auditory stimuli and digital output event in superlab, and I am stuck in generate a pulse thing.

As a novice of this experiment tool set,
Q1. Are there any manuals or instuctions for it?
Q2. How different are EM0 ~ EM7 and entering a value?
Q3. I tested MMN paradigm (standard and deviant sound stimuli), and when I analyzing, I found 5 segmentation I did not deginate. Could I know how this went on?
Q4. I read superlab 5 manual and found “parameter setting”, but I don’t think it is in superlab 4.5. I found so many “response” values (from response 1 to 15) and I don’t know what these are…

I am so sorry to bother you,
and I would be really happy how to manage these problems or to get any instructions for them.
Thank you very much for reading.

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Q1. All our documentation is web-based.

Q2. Are you using Brain Products’ USB2 product, like the one in the picture on this page? or are you using actiCHamp?

Q3. I cannot really help with this question without seeing the experiment and data. This might be better handled over the phone.

Q4. You’re right: the Parameters feature is new to SuperLab 5. In which screen or dialog did you see response values 1 to 15?

Have you considered upgrading to SuperLab 5? It is really a worthwhile upgrade, and for now, the price is only 50% of what a regular license costs. Plus, you will get a free upgrade to SuperLab 6 as well. The chance to upgrade at 50% off will end on September 30.

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Thank your for your answer.

Q2. We use actiCHamp.

Q3. I attatched some png files. I don’t know how to designate the type of R(response). There are lots of Rs at the bottom (file ‘super01’). Did these come from the pulse generator, ‘EM…’? Then how different are EM01 ~ EM05?

Q4. Actually I did designate the parameter like response and I saw response 1 ~15 at the segmentation session of the analyzer (stimulus type and the result).

I am not sure whether I asked comprehensibly but I hope it was delivered correctly.
And I will talk to my professor to upgrade the superlab.
Thank you again.

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Alas, we don’t have yet a page that describes the pin assignments for actiCHamp. But they are very similar to what’s listed in the table on this page.

Regarding “R” that you are seeing in the data, I cannot interpret it because I am not familiar with the Brain Products software. You can determine which signal is being recorded by making sure to send only one bit at a time via USB while nothing is plugged on the back of StimTracker. If it turns out that event codes sent via USB are not being recorded, then the source would be something else, so try the light sensor, then audio, etc. A little bit of trial and error should help you map StimTracker’s input signals to the info that you are seeing in the Brain Products software.

thank you

thank you for your suggestion :slight_smile:

Hi Nayeon,

Can you please attach the experiment package. I am building a similar experiment of auditory oddball and am stuck in ver 4.5 with not being able to randomize the next stimulus not being the deviant stimuli.