How to know the order of a randomization ?

Hi everybody,
I’m making an experiment with randomized stimulus lists. There is a randomization per group.
I would like to know if it is possible to extract (in a text file for instance) the result of the randomization for a stimulus list (instead of having to look at my 144 stimulus to in what order they are).
I hope my request is understandable. :smiley:



Do you mean does the final text file show what order SuperLab presented your randomized list? SuperLab will show the file names that were presented and what order they were in your list.

Similar problem

I have a related problem. I have created several stimulus lists, each containing 10 videos. Thus, for every trial, I have ten video presentation. Yet, in the output file, the file names are not listed. This causes problems when the order is randomised. The order, after randomisation, is included, but to find the file names, I would have to cross-reference with the order I entered the files.

Is there an option somewhere for including the file names of video segments within a stimulus list?

Are you importing folders for your stimulus lists or individual video files? If you are using “Folders”, this is a known issue with the file names not showing up.


Yes, I have been importing folders. Will I get around the problem by adding the files one at a time?

Yes, if you import them as individual files they will show up in the data file. We are currently working on the issue with importing folders. It should be resolved for the next release.

Still no file names

Hello again,

I must have missed something, because I can still not get the file names saved to my data file. I have now created the stimulus list by adding all 378 video files, and I have ticked every box under Experiment - Options - Saving Data - Columns to Save. As you can see from the attached output file, it only saves the trial name and number, not the actual file name. So my question is: is there an option I have missed?

Data_Pilot_Onelist.txt (3.17 KB)

SuperLab will save the rows in the data file for events that require an input or a time limit. A workaround is to specify a time limit of 1 ms.

Thank you!

That did the trick, it finally works :slight_smile:

This issue has been fixed in SuperLab version 4.5.1.