How to improve experiment Interface


I am looking into efficiencies to improve the user interface of existing Superlab experiments to make it more user friendly. I would like to know is possible to make the expertness more interactive and make the interface look more like windows based or like CPOE system interfaces.

The idea is to make user choose from few set of options in drop down shown in a window and where user can easily navigate through the experiment using sumbit or next button.



When running the experiment there is not an option for a drop down menu within SuperLab. Regarding having a next or submit button, you can always import these as a picture files and display them at run-time.

Is it possible to display the experiment in a frame to resemble windows or CPOE systems interface?

No, SuperLab was designed to be the only application that is running, due to timing considerations. Due to this it opens one big window that covers the entire screen.