How to get all the data files imported into one excel file

Hi, I have a problem with the data files. I’ll be dealing with 15 subjects and would need to have all their data imported to one excel file. I cannot import every single data file into one row in excel file; there is a lot of data there. Again, all the data for the 15 subjects have to be in one excel file.How would that be possible?

Try using our Cedrus Data Viewer. With Data Viewer you can merge and transpose your data into Excel.

I actually tried it but what I really need is to have the data in all files imported into one excel file noting that I have times measured for a total of 80 sentences, please have a look at the attached sample data file. This is one of the 15 data files that I will be collecting and will need to know how to have them all in one excel file, some tabs are not important. Also, since I am randomizing the data, how would I know that a reaction time refers to one or another structure, is there sort of tagging I can do to recognize each structure for calculation purposes?

SuperLab Data File2.txt (11.3 KB)

SuperLab saves the data in a text file which you can open within Excel. Excel can also merge and transpose like Data Viewer. For any other Excel questions unfortunately I am not the person to ask. Regarding your data file, everything looks normal. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact tech support at 1 800 233 7871.