How to discard events for no-response within time limit

I’m a student using SuperLab for the first time for graduating.
I have a problem in discarding events for no-response within time limit.

Main points of my experiments are:
-each participiant has to give a Same/Different response to a couple of visual stimuli presented at the same time
-since I need a large amount of combinations of groups, conditions, order of presentation and so on, I created an event for each stimulus, and then select the combination of events for each trial; obviously the correct response changes based on the combination of events, i.e. on the trial
-I need to present 5 same and 5 different trials in random order, so I set up some macros that check if 1 SAME trial has been presented and change the SAME code value to 1, or if 3 DIFFERENT trials have been presented and change the DIFFERENT code to 3 and so on, and is the SAME or DIFFERENT value reaches 5 then the experiments redirects the particpiant to a, respectively, ONLY_DIFFERENT or ONLY_SAME block, till the other code reaches 5 too

Problem is: since the macros check (each individually) for the number of same/different presented, how can i discard trials the participiant didn’t reponde to within time limit? The experiment should go on with the remaining trials, but how can I NOT count the no-response one?

Any help?

Logically, I could create a code like Responded with values Yes or No, and make the macros already present check to the number of SAME/DIFFERENT presented AND if it was a Yes (Responded), but I couldn’t find how to insert boolean options…
Thank you

Create feedback with the condition There is no response within a given time. Then, you will need a code to mark the trial as such. At the trial level, add a condition which specifies “A trial must ___ only if that code value is not set.”

Thank you, MonikaT. I was looking for something like that, and the problem is that it’s absent from the version I own.

Btw I slightly changed the experiment so I found different solutions for different problems. Thank you!