How to determine correct responses?

I have an experiment in which two numbers are presented simultaneously, one on the left of the screen, and one on the right. Subjects are required to indicate which is the smaller number by pressing a key that corresponds to the location of the target number. (i.e. if the target number is on the left, press left key. if on the right, press the right key).

How do I get Superlab to compare the 2 numbers, then assess whether the correct key has been pressed? :confused:


What might work for you is to enter the two numbers as a single text stimulus event, like this:




I think you could do this in Superlab simply by putting a string of spaces between the two numbers in the text input window. I tried that and it seemed to work OK. Superlab will center the Ns…N string both vertically and horizontally by default. You could also put these lines into a text stimulus file, that might be a bit easier.

Then each event would simply have a correct button defined for it in advance.

Greg Shenaut