How to detect/refresh my stimtracker?

Hello? I have a few questions to ask, so I’m contacting you. I’m using Cedrus’s stimtracker to send signals from psychopy to neuroscan’s syncamp, and marking it through the curry7 software. However, recently I’ve had a problem where the stimtracker is not recognized in the code I wrote as a coder. I found out that the problem occurs when I accidentally import pyxid twice (using get_xid_devices()). I have since fixed the code, and am currently conducting the experiment without any problems, but sometimes there is a problem where it is not recognized when I turn on the experiment for the first time. Every time this happens, I try to detect the device in the event key menu of SuperLab 6, and Python recognizes the stimtracker normally, but since I did not purchase SuperLab officially, I do not know what to do when I cannot use the detect device function after one month. Is there any other way to refresh the device when it is not detected? Thank you in advance for your help.


Hello, when you say you are using pyxid, do you mean pyxid2 or the older version 1 pyxid?

Also, which specific StimTracker model are you using? is it the original ST-100 or the newer Duo or Quad?

Hi! I am using pyxid2 and stimtracker st-100!
Thank you!!

I don’t know the answer, unfortunately. We haven’t had anyone else reporting this so far. BTW, instead of SuperLab, you can use Xidon; it’s free.

Please send us an email to arrange for a Zoom meeting, perhaps we can find a solution.